I'm Elle (I'm normally the short one in photos).
I'm currently 19 years old and living in Hull. I'm a huge bookworm and film nerd so I'll happily chat about them all day long! I tend to buy lots of lipsticks and dresses and never have time to wear them. 

I've recently had a change of heart and am pursing a career rather than venturing off to university. I enjoy all things simple in life like sleep in's and bubble baths. I blog off and off about beauty, life and books, I'm trying to change that but life does like to get in the way. I enjoy wearing nice dresses, winged eyeliner and red lipstick when I'm not working. I can't really put a name to my style, if I like it I'll wear it and give it my own spin. At the moment I own that many Soap & Glory products I could probably open a shop heh!
Blog started on 27th June 2012
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