I am a PR Friendly blogger, meaning that if you would like to contact me with any sponsored posts or proposition such as working along your company or reviewing any products you may be willing to send I will welcome you with open arms. I would love to hear for you as long as it fits within the theme of my blog e.g. books, beauty products or clothes.

I will always post an honest result when reviewing products, my opinion will be unbiased and truthful because I feel it to be important that my readers get the best review possible.  This means my review will be 100% truthful and not influenced in anyway. However I will always disclose in the post that I have been sent the item for reviewing purposes.

If you would like to contact me for any reason you fancy you can;

1) Email me @ 

2) Tweet me @honeyybunnyy

I always respond to tweets as soon as I can, if I don't I'm usually working. Emails take a little longer to reply to but I always do. 

Thanks for visiting & reading.

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